my name is spike. from louisiana, now i live in mongolia. i take photos.

shaymaree92: Hey, How did you do it? How did you decide to get up and leave one day? I really want to do the same but Im not sure how to go about it haha. Didyou save?? whats your secret!!

ha, it wasn’t quite as spur-of-the-moment as it might seem. (-: i found a fellowship that let me travel here for a job.

especially if you can save up for a good English teaching certification you can probably find jobs just about anywhere cool.

woke up the next morning and it was still overcast. woke up to people pounding on car … some person (people?) passed out and got locked in a small Toyota. there were probably 6 people all banging on the side and shaking the car for 20 minutes before the people inside woke up.

inside painting of our ger’s door. ger furniture is always verrry fancy and orange and colorful.

while there were cabins out behind the “main house” of our ger camp (we had the only ger), I somehow got the feeling that we wound up in some bizarre commune

that brick extension on the right is a restaurant/karaoke bar attached to the house.

when we ordered dinner we were the only people in there … ordered some pork tsuivan (normally tsuivan just come with mutton!)

pretty sure they went and found a pig because it took literally 3 hours before we got our food. but it was damn good.