my name is spike. from louisiana, now i live in mongolia. i take photos.

right walking up to the front gate of the monastery was this stone slab with traditional Mongolian script.

after becoming a satellite state of the Soviets in 1921, the Soviets “introduced” the cyrillic alphabet to Mongolia in the 40s, which essentially replaced all of the use of the traditional script.

the place where the script is still most commonly used is in Inner Mongolia (China), though there have been some pushes in Mongolia to relearn and begin reteaching the traditional script.

i’m not sure what it says.

taken at the Amarbayasgalant Monastery in Selenge Aimag (province), Mongolia

a couple of gers in the Mongolian countryside.

re: that girl walking across the street: we slowed down and she jumped into the bushes nearby. we saw a herd of animals right beside and so assumed there must be a home nearby and drove on … don’t know enough to know if that was a good assumption.

this’ll prob be my only pic today :-)