my name is spike. from louisiana, now i live in mongolia. i take photos.
Beginning of the walk to Wujiaochang.An Asian Bakery 10 minutes away.A tame intersection. You can see the KFC on the right edge.A strange little Chevy.Veering onto Daxue Lu.Some nicer apartments on Daxue Lu.More Daxue Lu.

So Fudan is in Yangpu district. I dragged my camera along today when I went to a cafe to study, so I snapped a few pictures just to give an idea of the area around our apartments (Tonghe) and Fudan.

I took a bus most of the way, so this is only a small part of the walk to Wujiaochang. On the way to Wujiaochang is Daxue Lu (University Street), on which the café to which I was going is located. So here are some pictures of random buildings n stuff.

I guess this is as good a place as any to talk about traffic. I know I’ve briefly covered it, but only cars stop for lights. Walk/Don’t Walk essentially means nothing, as the only thing that determines whether you or anyone else should walk is whether or not there are moving things that will immediately be where you plan to walk. When crossing streets, even with scooters and electric bikes whizzing by, a steady constant pace lets them navigate between the pedestrians. Lanes are essentially guidelines, and honks are used for a variety of reasons.

Daxue Lu is a bit more upscale (Adidas outlet stores, Nike, G-Star Raw, nicer apartments), so there are NO HONKING signs around. I’ll get a picture of one sooner or later.

Cars are all smaller. I have seen no pickup trucks, and no SUVs (except one H3 parked by a club). The biggest things besides actual trucks and buses are crossover SUVs, and while we might think the Ford Transit little van thing is tiny, they have tons of things that look like full-size vans but shrunk down to fit over a bicycle. Cars are also way way way more expensive here than in the United States. 

Also, on the first picture of Daxue Lu, you can see in the distance two girls with an umbrella. A lot of the girls here have sunbrellas to keep their skin lighter (and they are actually not even waterproof umbrellas, they are a different thing). Also, it’s common to see members of the same-sex friends holding hands or with their arms around each other when walking around (it does not suggest anything more than friendship).